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New Major Release: FFmpeg 1.2.0

FFmpeg Logo has published new major release of my favorite video encoding software. The new release has a bunch of new great features. See below a summary of the new features:

- VDPAU hardware acceleration through normal hwaccel
- SRTP support
- Error diffusion dither in Swscale
- Chained Ogg support
- Theora Midstream reconfiguration support
- EVRC decoder
- audio fade filter
- filtering audio with unknown channel layout
- allpass, bass, bandpass, bandreject, biquad, equalizer, highpass, lowpass
  and treble audio filter
- improved showspectrum filter, with multichannel support and sox-like colors
- histogram filter
- tee muxer
- il filter ported from libmpcodecs
- support ID3v2 tags in ASF files
- encrypted TTA stream decoding support
- RF64 support in WAV muxer
- noise filter ported from libmpcodecs
- Subtitles character encoding conversion
- blend filter
- stereo3d filter ported from libmpcodecs

My favorite new feature is RF64 support in WAV muxer as is was looking for this some months ago. I hope there are some interesting new features also for your.

Thanks a lot for your work dear ffmpeg developers.