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About this blog, myself and where this is going to

As this is my first blog post ever, some of you might imagine how difficult this will be for me. It will be hard to define where this blog is going to be, where to start, what to write, is this even interesting for the reader? I don’t know but i will try to keep this blog as readable and informational as possible. So, the first rule (which may be way to hard to name it rule) for you, the reader, is to not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestion for improvement for the style of writing, the content itself, the design and everything imaginable.

You might ask yourself who am i. So, i will tell you.

My name is René Calles, born, raised and actually living in Cologne, Germany. I am an experienced audio and video encoding and streaming engineer and passionated developer. My interests besides my work are fishing, food and music which is why i started a small business with a recording studio called “Sparkling Studio”.

Why Wordpress? This is a simple to answer question - because it’s so easy. Thanked to WPExplorer and their Theme “Tetris” i did not have to struggle with responsiveness and other design related parts of a blog. Setting up a self-hosted wordpress instace was as easy as it could be and the only part i touched was the style.css to change some colors. I know the blog has not the fanciest design you have ever seen, but i focussed on readability on all possible devices and hope this mission is accomplished. That’s why i’m using wordpress for this blog.

Actually i don’t know exactly where this blog is going to in the next weeks, months or even years. Of course there is a plan for the next 10+ posts and this is maybe why you are keep reading. Main focus will be “How to’s” or Tutorials how to work with FFmpeg and other open source video encoding and streaming solutions. Of course there will be informational stuff about what actually is going on in that area but the focus will still stay on “How to’s”. The very first will be “How to install FFmpeg on Mac OS X (simple)” and i will show you how simple it really is to install a recent stable version of FFmpeg on you Mac.

So, keep on reading.

Yours sincerely,